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We provide customized solutions for our customers' specific needs when they seek for the best deals while purchasing, selling or changing their aircraft, without any suprises or headaches during the process.


Our extensive experience on the aircraft market, allied to a deep technical and commercial knowledge, allow us to deliver high quality solutions, always seeking for total customer satisfaction.


André Bosquê - VP of Marketing & Sales

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BluSky has all the market knowledge and expertise required to quickly sell your aircraft at a high market value. We support our clients during all phases of the sale process. learn more...

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BluSky highly qualified team supports businessmen and pilots during all the phases of the aircraft acquisition process, assuring they are purchasing the right aircraft for their needs and with the certainty of making an excellent deal. learn more... 

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BluSky helps their clients to understand the differences among the finance solutions available in the market and all the parameters and variables that may affect the financing cost. We also support our clients in finding and negotiating the best finance solution for their aircraft. learn more...

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BluSky has all the right tools and expertise to precisely and criteriously estimate the market value of an aircraft, taking in consideration technical, commercial and economical aspects, supporting our clients in their strategic decision making process regarding the purchade or sale of an aircraft. learn more...


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